The very first item you need address in selecting the best hosting service is to identify what your needs are. What sort of website are looking to host? Small personal homepages will have very different hosting criteria from large company websites. To find the best hosting service for you, it is important to determine exactly what you plan to host now, and take into consideration anything you are planning to host in the immediate future. Once you have determined and identified what web hosting services you require for your online business, it is then time to enlist certain web hosting features and options you need to consider: Hosting services offered: Server monitoring and 24x7 security to safeguard your site. Spam filtering. Firewall protection to protect the site from unwanted trespass. Daily site backups. 99.9% uptime guarantee. Unlimited data transfer. More than 5gb of disk space. Reliable email facilities. Spam and virus filtering. Secure pages option. E-commerce. Ftp file transfer. You need to be sure that your website is uploaded through secure servers using the latest operating system. Many web hosts run only a unix based operating system, usually linux or bsd. To run various web applications like asp, .Net, ms sql, sbs, you will need a window based host. Price offered: Don't pay more than US$25.00/month for all of the above. Design access: Control panel. Ftp access. You should always choose a web hosting service with reliable 24/7 technical support. Reliability: Speed and reliability are extremely important for the success of any online business. A site that is not available, not updated on time or is down, will lose many online visitors. If an online visitor finds your site listed on a search engine, and he tries to access it but finds it down, he is sure to move on to the next link and you lose an important customer or visitor. Even slow working websites are very frustrating. So how do you know if a hosting company is reliable or not? By word of mouth or feedback from others! Security: Security and backups are two very important aspects that you need to consider.  In case you are running an ecommerce website then security is one aspect that you just cannot discard. Your web hosting service provider should be such that they can monitor things round the clock and ensure no unwanted intruder can hack your site. Recomendation: Over many years we have chosen webhosts4life as our prefered hosting supplier. We find they meet all the above criteria and carefully embrace the need to include modern trends.
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