It is becoming increasingly important that your computer network runs securely and effectively with minimal downtimes. A good computer network will improve your business performance, and ensure that your information is protected. InterKent provides MS Windows IT services specifically for small to medium businesses. We will help you set up or improve your existing computer network.  Servers - Design, Install: FTP Servers. Domain controller. Firewall. Print servers. File servers. Application servers. Email and internet access Maintain your server, network, users and workstations: Data backup. Hardware support. Active directory for Windows clients. Internal communications. Manage shared resources. User restrictions. Software management. Security management. Performance optimisation. Network multiple workstations. Provide you with new workstations. Hardware and software support.   Support: Outsourced IT support services. On-site support or remote access. Scheduled or ad-hoc maintenance. Security audits, updates and patches. Software and hardware check. Optimise storage capacity and network speed. Troubleshooting. Expand with your business development. As we use recognised technology and quality hardware components we can provide you with a more stable and secure product and a full warranty on all parts.
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