The Electronic Log Book  The Electronic Log Book is designed for:  Shift workers to use in 24/7 facilities like:   Accommodation Centres  Aged Care Centres  Child Care Centres  Factories  Hospitality  Hospitals  Hotels  Offices  Retail Shops  Welfare Centres      The Electronic Log Book: Overcomes the limitations of a paper log book. Single User - Read & Write,  Single Location, Readability dependant on user penmanship. Graphs, pictures, images stapled/taped in on page.  Makes it easy for people to enter information in a chronological fashion, in the form of short, time-stamped text messages and optional file attachments (forms, documents, images, etc.)  Allows multiple workers to read the Log Book at the same time.  Is simple to use. You don't need to be a IT specialist and/or an experienced database administrator to use.  Entries cannot be modified once its been entered. Each entry becomes a "record" with a time and author stamp, ensuring data integrity.  Authorised users type in their own password before entering data.  Keeps electronic records of what happens during a shift.  Helps with a smooth shift handovers.  Gives the right information at the right time to make the right decision.  Provides easily data accessible to browse entries, for workers and management to have a common window to access logged information.  Provides a consistent up to date window into key concerns, problems, plans and more.  Provides logged information at your fingertips, accessible from any computer on your network.  Overcomes sloppy handwriting, poor spelling, coffee-stained pages, and indecipherable abbreviations. All of these problems plague the average log book, but the Electronic Log Book solves them all. Log entries are neatly formatted on your screen, displaying only what you want to see, in date/time order and colour coded by shift. It can even spell check entries.  Eliminates loss of information. How do you back–up a copy of a paper log book? How do you know that your log book isn’t missing a page? Backups can be automated by your network server.  Overcomes excuses. Entries allow for a date/time stamp of when a worker 'Has Read' the Log Book. If workers are telling you that they never heard about that procedure change, or never got that memo of the notice of that meeting, you can now attach any kind of document to your log entries, be it Word, Excel, or an image. There are no more excuses! URL’s can be attached to any log entry. Links to your internal document management system, or to an external web site, or your company’s most recent news release. User Admin Screen Shots Home Testimonies Pricing Contact Us
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