PRELIMINARIES A$ No Fee During commencement, we will need to establish: 1. A clear purpose of your project. 2. A clear understanding of your target market and their motivation for access. 3. Your marketing focused graphics and copy written information. 4. A nominated contact person for communication and decision making. MASTER PLANNING A$120 per hour Master planning and design. This includes research about your design requirements and the preparation of your plan. It establishes the primary objectives and the organization of your plan, unifying the artistic and graphical themes, layout, behavior and functions. This also investigates the potential/capabilities of database and search engines, integrated scripts, applets and other programmed elements. TECHNICAL CONSULTATION A$90 per hour We can assist you with vital technical matters such as: Locating a web server to host your site. Selection of your domain name. Your Domain name registration. Establishing your web host. Management of user communications via your web site, ie: Setting up of your e-mail addresses, email aliases and email lists. CUSTOM ART A$90 per hour Our artists can create custom graphics for you. Consider keynote graphics, decorative borders, smooth backgrounds, descriptive illustrations and banners. We will work with you to achieve your valued effect. AUDIO and VIDEO A$90 per hour We can incorporate audio and video. If you provide recordings, we will clip and edit to create files compatible for most viewers. BASIC HTML A$70 per hour Basic html coding services includes: Creation of standard html pages, selectively meta coded to take advantage of www search engine indexing. Design of html forms without any custom programming and the incorporation of applets, scripts, applications and other executable software objects. DIGITAL CONVERSION A$90 per hour Any text or graphic used on the web must be in a digital format. When you provide hard copy text, we will transcribe it into a digital format. If you provide hard copy graphics, e.g. photographs, art, etc., we can "scan" (digitally convert) these illustrations for use on your web site or media. FILE TRANSFER DELIVERY A$70 per hour We do transfer all your product software, files, directory structures and other elements to your chosen web server, hosting your web site. During preliminary developments, we can host the pre-structure of your web site and so provide you with a private and temporary address for pre- publication viewing. WEB SITE MAINTENANCE A$70 per hour We also offer the service of maintaining your web site, including periodic inspection for correct function. Minor changes in the underlying software in the administration of the web server. Minor changes in the existing software to accord with routine changes in your business, such as changes in telephone numbers or changes in addresses. WEB DIRECTORY INDEXING A$90 per hour We can perform the service of directly submitting registrations of your web site address with various directories such as major search engines like Google, AltaVista, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo and others. A$950 retainer is required prior to commencement. 
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