IT SETUP We are set up to provide every aspect of your IT infrastructure needs. We can: assess your cabling & equipment needs. assess your software requirements. assess your connectivity needs. provide any software & equipment you need. arrange your ISP & set up your connectivity. InterKent is a single service that can provide the advice, equipment, software, installation & setup for your total IT infrastructure. Including: Servers (file, email, backup, etc.). Firewall/s. LAN, WAN, VPN set up. Desktop computers. Screens, printers & auxiliary equipment. If it’s Information Technology related, we can help assess what will help you best! Our clients call us with a range of requests: Early assessment and advice is a key to many of these queries. If you’re planning IT changes or have a problem, the sooner you get advice the better. As a general rule, we're happy to offer an initial hour of consultation for free. You get to assess us, we get to assess the job to see if we're the best people to help (or we'll refer you to the most appropriate service) with no strings attached! IT SUPPORT InterKent provides comprehensive IT support for a range of small to medium organisations: Support Agreements Where you choose to arrange a support agreement, we proactively monitor the status of your server, your ISP connection and any other relevant services, offer our services at a discounted rate and provide tailored documents to assist you in trouble-shooting for yourself. By actively monitoring your services, we can assist in identifying recurring problems, can often resolve problems remotely and we gain a more thorough understanding of your set-up ensuring more efficient support. Help Desk  Problem occurs – you call! Wherever we can, we assist over the phone – saving the time and cost of travel. “Phone solvable” queries vary from simple software glitches (“Word seems to be behaving strangely!”) to assessment and recovery of ISP outages. For many clients, we install remote software to enable real time visuals and control of your individual PC – we can then discuss problems on your PC with the technician and the end-user both viewing the same screen. On-Site Technical Support For many areas of assistance, it’s more practical and easier to have a Technician visit you. We can usually have someone on–site the same day as a request is made – and if it’s urgent, we’re happy to offer a premium service. IT SALES Whatever Information Technology Equipment you’re looking to purchase, we sell it. InterKent re-sells for most major brand name IT equipment and a range of distributors. Whatever the equipment is, we’ll provide it or help with advice on what will best suits your needs. Servers Desktops Firewalls Cabinets Minor peripherals – mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc Screens Modems Switches Printers Scanners Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Software We also re–sell software and are happy to advise on the software that will best suit your needs. Where most suitable, InterKent uses some open source software – and also sells: Office Windows Sophos Anti Virus Xara Acrobat 
IT SOLUTIONS I need a new printer - What’s best on the market? My anti virus software has ‘spat the dummy’ - What should I do? I’m setting up a new office - Can you help work out what I need? My laptop won’t print to my printer on the network - Can you fix it?   I’ve got a message saying I’ve got a virus? - Can you work out if I have? When I open files on my network, they open very slowly - What’s wrong? I need a risk management plan for backing up – Can you help? My back-up has run out of room! 3 locations, all need to access the same information - What’s the most cost effective, secure & appropriate way to make this happen? I’m building a business based on the internet - Can you integrate my website & my business processes?
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